VINYLE – Blind Delon – People Of God

10,00 TTC

  1. I Have No Fear, 04:19
  2. I Have No Fear (Maelstrom Remix), 04:16
  3. The New Prayer, 04:54
  4. The New Prayer (Umwelt Remix), 05:30

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Blind Delon is back !

From the deepest part of south France, the diabolical trio is ready to strike again.
This time they brought a witch concoction after taking a residency in a little village close to Rome…
People of God is made out of two variations, the first one, « I Have No Fears » illustrates the bravery, we sometimes need in order to face situations, re-discovering the deepest part of ourselves in a synth odyssey ! Shortly followed by a Synth-Rave electroid Remix from Maelstrom, we can say that he has no fear too…
The Second Part « The New Prayer » guides us in a mystical guild… through their quest for an higher self, to find the true entity, the lost gods, we follow their incantation throughout experimental synth-wave that will lead your spirit in the darkness it belongs. Then it’s time for Umwelt interpretation of this mystical dance, a fearful remix that will make your head spin in a ravish Trance. Fasten your seatbelt & enter the Heady Ride of Blind Delon’s Incantation for INTERVISION 008 !


Paru le 20 mars 2020

All Original tracks written, composed, produced & mixed by Blind Delon
Mastering by Jeremy at “La VIlla”
Photography by Simon Fascilla
Artwork by Félix Bergeret

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