CASSETTE – Velvet Zéro – Sabbatum Nigrum

7,00 TTC

  1. Missa, 04:40
  2. Sabbatum, 06:02
  3. Maleficius, 07:46
  4. Missa (Donna Haringwey Remix), 04:45
  5. Sabbatum (BLNDR Remix), 05:18
  6. Maleficius (Ryuji Takeuchi Remix), 06:16

A propos
With this 6 track opus, the king of darkness still needs to make sure that hell is inevitable, influenced by witchcraft mythology, Missa introduces the long and painful jouney ahead of us with a twisted ambiant driven sabbat opening, followed by « Sabbatum » the tango of the witches with some EBM distorted riffs. At the peak of panic, it’s time to terminate all life on earth with the ultimate curse… Maleficius is here to give the mortals one last goth rave before impact, among the dead.

The three remixers have their own take on this witch fest, Donna Harringwey pushes further the punk aspect with a screamer and garage interpretation, BLNDR brings us back to spooky island with some tribal grooves and Ruiji Takeuchi shows us the way to industrial trance with an underground futuriristic black magic vibe.

Get ready to feel the dark smoke and the witch’s anger…


Paru le 17 décembre 2019

All original tracks written, produced & mixed by Verset Zero
Mastering by Paulie Jan

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